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Professional courses for learning the Hebrew language

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Basic Hebrew course

The course allows its graduates to have basic communication in Hebrew. The study method emphasizes the verbal part, which will allow you to have a light conversation with Hebrew speakers.

Advanced course

In this course you will learn in depth the basics of the Hebrew language and you will be able to understand Hebrew at a good level, including reading rituals in Hebrew. At the end of the course you will be able to communicate comfortably in the Hebrew language.

Full Hebrew course

In the course you will learn the Hebrew language thoroughly and allow you to conduct yourself fully in Hebrew, including conversation, reading and writing. Its graduates will be able to integrate into work that requires an understanding of Hebrew.

We strive for results – the course structure is designed to allow you to quickly master the Hebrew language

The curricula were approved by academics and adapted for an Arabic-speaking audience
Our Hebrew teachers are veteran professionals with academic teaching certificates and are recognized by the Israeli education system

Learn online and speak Hebrew fast

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